Note di Matematica

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Area 01 – Scienze matematiche e informatiche
INDEXGeometric Structures Arising from Generalized j-Planes (O. Vega)Groups with Large Centralizer Subgroups (M. De Falco, F. de Giovanni, C. Musella)On a Paper of Dan Barbilian (V. Pambuccian)On the Generalized Bertrand Curves in Euclidean N-spaces (Y.-M. Cheng, C.-C. Lin)On the Extrinsic Principal Directions of Riemannian Submanifolds (S. Haesen, D. Kowalczyk, L. Verstraelen)Isomorphisms between Spaces of Multilinear Mappings or Homogeneous Polynomials (P.L. Kuo)On a Theorem of Burnside (M. Barlotti, V. Pannone)Invariants on Primary Abelian Groups and a Problem of Nunke (B.A. Balof, P.W. Keef)Nullity Index of Bochner-Kähler Manifolds (G. Calvaruso)Translation Structures with a Principal Line (S. Pasotti)Generalized j-Planes (O. Vega)Vector Space Partitions and Designs. Part I: Basic Theory (V. Jha, N.L. Johnson)k–Sets of Type (1, h) in Finite Planar Spaces (V. Napolitano)On Harmonious Coloring of Middle Graph of C(Cn), C(K1,n) and C(Pn) (J. Vernold Vivin, M.M. Akbar Ali)Warfield Invariants of V (RG)/G (P.V. Danchev)
pagine: 224
formato: 16,5 x 24
ISBN: 978-88-548-3515-3
data pubblicazione: Settembre 2010
marchio editoriale: Aracne
rivista: Note di Matematica | 2009, volume 29, numero 2
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