Contemporary Approaches in Philosophical and Humanistic Thought

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Area 11 – Scienze storiche, filosofiche, pedagogiche e psicologiche
This collaborative work brings together a series of essays focused on exploring current methodologies, approaches, and theoretical assumptions in philosophical and humanistic thought. The first section presents the ethics of memory in the works of Jan Assmann and Hayden White, and the new political rhetoric being applied in historical studies. The second section sheds light on recent contributions in the fields of political economy of development and political theory, including Ernesto Laclau’s conceptof populism and Judith Butler’s theory of performative ethical life and narrative identity. The third and final section is devoted to archaeology, geography, and philosophical cosmology, showing the role of space in the new humanities. The book closes with an insightful essay on Hans Blumenberg’s understanding of the Modern Age that opens new horizons not only for history, philosophy and religion studies, but also for understanding the historical development of modern science and capitalism.
pagine: 280
formato: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-88-548-9778-6
data pubblicazione: Luglio 2017
marchio editoriale: Aracne
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