A Story About Knowledge
A Learning Tool to Engage with Illustrated Storytelling in Law and Global Studies

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Area 12 – Scienze giuridiche
The purpose of the book is to provide junior and senior scholars in law and global studies with a Learning Toolkit (LT) that brings together conventional and unconventional teaching methods through illustrations and conveys a message to a broad audience, be it indigenous or non–indigenous. Through a story that combines illustrations and words, the search of knowledge is seen as an interactive process involving detachment, positionality, silence, and protection. Readers are welcome to add their reflections, sensibly print one copy of the book if they wish, color, doodle, and apply other art journaling techniques of their choice. Colored pencils can become an indispensable complementary tool. Law and art are restoring therapies.
pagine: 44
formato: 14 x 21
ISBN: 978-88-255-4110-6
data pubblicazione: Aprile 2021
marchio editoriale: Aracne editrice
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